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Entertainers at the Fall 2023 Allentown Night Market:

Camille Zamboni The Bendable Girl
Performance in the 819 Community Lot

Guiness World Record holder and sideshow extraordinaire, Camille has traveled the country with Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow after getting her start with Pittsburgh's Kabarett Vulgare Sideshow. She is a multi-faceted contortionist, hand balancer, and foot archer, combining her skills for one heart stopping show of incredible human feats of skill and danger.

Danger Dave of Stolen Stitches Sideshow

Performance in the 819 Community Lot

Resurrected from the graveyard set of a late night monster movie marathon by the ghost of Ed wood and Melvin burkhart. We have Danger Dave, leader of Americas favorite B-movie sideshow The Stolen Stitches. Bringing a spooky twist to classic death defying sideshow feats, from ghostly glass walking to bobbing for chainsaws and even a little reverse necromancy. Come see the strangest fictional late night show you’ve ever seen live on stage.

Lilith Deville of Kabarett Vulgare Sideshow

Performance in the 819 Community Lot

The mouth from the south and master of Night Market hijinks, Lilith Deville blends traditional 10 in 1 sideshow with Weimer era cabaret. From accordion to human blockhead to mental floss, this human marvel is guaranteed to amaze, dazzle...and maybe make you wince a little. 

Traveling band, roaming through markets

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